Top 10 Reasons to Live in a Small Town

1. "Everybody knows your name", and if not, they soon will.

2. Lower cost of living, if only because there isn't a Walmart around the corner. You won't be tempted to go shopping for your recreation.

3. Recreation: The river is practically out your front door.

4. The Milky Way: You can actually see the stars at night from your front porch.

5. Low crime rate: Your neighbors will be watching out for you. Your kids can ride their bikes around town and you may forget how to lock your car.

6. Sense of community: The whole town will turn out to support the homecoming football game or gather in the park for Summer Celebration.

7. No traffic jams. In fact, Fort Benton only has one blinking stop light.

8. Cleaner lifestyle. No pollution. You can walk everywhere in town. There is no McDonalds around the corner. 

9. Connection to your roots. With 3 museums in town, there is no reason not to know everything there is to know about Lewis & Clark and the settling of the American West. 

10. Slower pace of life. Because there isn't a movie theatre or shopping mall and you don't have to spend all your time fighting traffic just to go to the grocery store, life is simpler. You can spend more time connecting to those around you.