The ideal lifestyle of rural Montana is one of our state's best kept secrets. Many Montanans hesitate to share the great things about our home because they are afraid growth and expansion would ruin the lifestyle we know and love. The community of Fort Benton understands that growth and diversity is crucial to the vitality and strength of our economy, so we will always welcome new tenants and businesses who are ready to embrace everything the small-town lifestyle has to offer. Don't miss our TOP 10 Reasons to Live in a Small Town.

A Beautiful Setting

Fort Benton was named by Forbes Magazine among the top 15 prettiest towns in America. When you witness the beauty of the wide Missouri River as it meanders through wide open prairies and productive farm land, all under the umbrella of the Big Montana Sky, you will not wonder why. Many residents take advantage of the myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities including fishing, canoeing, hiking, and hunting. Others cherish the peace our quiet community offers to retirees and families alike. As one of the oldest towns in Montana, there are a number of beautiful old homes, some of which are beautifully restored and others that are looking for someone to love them back to life. 

Close (enough) to a metropolis

Fort Benton businesses can meet all of your basic needs. From our restaurants and bars to hardware and health care, you never really need to leave. However, we do understand that some people favor a few more shopping options occasionally. Fortunately, Fort Benton is just a short 36 miles from Great Falls, Montana's 3rd largest city. In fact, many people commute daily to work in Great Falls simply because they love to live in Fort Benton.

Excellent schools

Parents will tell you that a small town is an ideal place to raise children, where everybody knows your name and looks out for each other. Fort Benton Schools offer a top-notch academic program. They are consistently ranked among the top 20 schools in Montana, ranking as high as #3 in 2013 (U.S. News ranking), and outperform state testing averages by a wide margin. In addition to the academics, kids have the opportunity to participate in many different extra-curricular activities rather than having to specialize in one thing from a young age just to compete as they sometimes have to do in larger schools. Colleges love well-rounded student resumés! The entire community turns out to support our football and basketball teams and the Longhorn school spirit is unmatched.